Administration Initiatives

At the end of each school year, the Purdue student body elects two representatives to express the will of the students to the leaders of the University administration, the Purdue faculty, and the elected officials of the local, state, and federal governments. This year Geri Denger and Jacob Goedde were chosen by the student body to serve their peers in this capacity. Read below why other students believed in them back in April, and what they hope to continue to do during their time in office.


ew methods of engagement

Each administration brings to Purdue Student Government new and innovate ways to improve our campus and to better the experience for Purdue students. But unlike all the others, the Denger-Goedde administration has distinct forward-thinking initiatives to create a better PSG and a better Purdue.

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Our administration is working to extend university-excused absences to provide much-needed excusals for vital things to students, such as mandatory court appearances and graduate/professional school interviews. Additionally, we are continuing our work to make PSG reduce their carbon footprint by moving towards being a completely paperless student organization. As a Senator, Student Body President Denger had started this fight with legislation to help the Student Senate go paperless – substantially decreasing the approximate 10,000 pages they used per year. A further new program that our administration is working to implement is the creation of a PSG endowment fund – to make the organization more fiscally sustainable as we increase the impact PSG can have on this campus.



pportunity for growth

The West Lafayette campus has many great programs available for students to use, but there is always room for growth. As we work towards developing the most efficient and best utilized student services around, Purdue Student Government needs to be engaged in the decisions and with the hands on revitalization of these vital opportunities.

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Working with Purdue administration, we have begun to develop and begin implementing a comprehensive syllabi repository available to students, in the hopes to both increase transparency and allowing students to make more informed decisions when planning their course schedules. A landmark initiative for our administration, we have begun to work with the Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning and the Deans of every academic college to simplify the CODO process for students and standardize the core requirements mandated by the University and the colleges.

Additionally, we have begun focus on increasing the safety for students walking around campus, with a study being dedicated to expand Purdue’s Safe Walk program. And when the time comes, our administration will work with both university and city officials to ensure proper snow and ice removal on campus and off campus near student-living during the winter months.



orking towards awareness

Our campus has several student resources that are both underfunded adn underutilized. As a result, the departments themselves begin to deteriorate and less students begin to use them. We believe in partnerships with these departments and services to not only improve the programs that they produce, but to make more students aware of the things available to them at little to no cost.

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With regard to health-related services, the Denger-Goedde administration has begun to pay special attention to programs at Purdue affecting the health and safety of our students. We have continued the work of our predecessors in advocating for funding increases withing the Purdue University Student Health (PUSH) center, the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) center, and the Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education (CARE).

In just the first few weeks of the 2016-2017 school year, the Denger-Goedde administration has worked with President Daniels and Provost Dutta to secure permanent funding for the Student Legal Services (SLS) provided here on campus.

As with everything, we are working to ensure that the student voice and student concerns are heard on issues regarding programs funded by and for students.We truly believe in the power of the student voice and plan to to host bi-monthly forums around campus to ensure that the student voice is being heard within PSG and by the Purdue administration.