Student Health

Purdue University Student Health Center

The Purdue University Student Health Center (PUSH) provides student-oriented primary care as well as ongoing care for chronic conditions. They are comprised of board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners dedicated to the health and wellness of every student on Purdue’s campus both domestic and international. The center is home to many different services included in a student’s Purdue tuition such as a medical clinic, a women’s clinic, a sport’s medicine clinic, extended care services, and physical therapy. Other services are provided at an extra cost such as the allergy and immunization clinic, the clinical laboratory, and radiology tests. Purdue Student Government has worked to expand student health care coverage with PUSH.

For more information, please visit their website, contact them by phone at (765) 494-1700 or through their email


Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is a team of multi-culturally sensitive professionals delivering comprehensive psychological services to the students of Purdue University. CAPS has a strong commitment to meeting the needs of diverse people. In all the service areas provided by CAPS, our staff strives to create an environment where all people feel welcome. As a staff, they attempt to facilitate mutual respect and understanding among people of diverse racial, ethnic, and national backgrounds, sexual/affectional orientations, mental and physical abilities, languages, classes, ages, religion/spiritual beliefs, socioeconomic background as well as other types of diversity. Their mission is to help Purdue University students maximize the value of their life experiences. This is accomplished through a variety of professional services, including individual, group, and couples psychotherapy; psychological testing; psychopharmacology; crisis intervention; drug and alcohol programs; outreach and consultation; and the training of helping professionals. Purdue Student Government has been involved with CAPS in the past through their director to secure additional funding for staff and students to benefit the community.

For more information, please visit their website or contact them by phone at (765) 494-6995.


Center for Advocacy, Response & Education

The Center for Advocacy, Response, & Education (CARE) is a rape crisis center and anonymous reporting center operating as a division of the Office of the Dean of Students. Its primary purpose is to provide counseling and support for survivors of sexual violence and to educate the community. Since CARE is an anonymous reporting center, CARE staff are not required to report cases to the University or to law enforcement. This allows survivors of sexual violence to seek help and guidance without having to involve themselves with an investigation. Should they choose to take legal action or inform the University to take disciplinary action against the perpetrator, CARE staff can help survivors with the process.

The CARE staff provides resources and direct services that are non-judgmental, survivor-focused and empowering. CARE recognizes that each person’s experience is unique, and staff are available to help each survivor assess their reporting options and access resources that meet personal needs. CARE staff can also provide information and other support services to friends and family of survivors. In addition to direct survivor services, CARE offers campus-wide programming on sexual violence, consent, and bystander intervention, among other topics. With this being CARE’s first year, Purdue Student Government is actively working with the center to create student initiatives for the campus as a whole.

For more information, please visit, contact them by phone through their 24/7 hotline (765)495-CARE, or by email